Friday, September 30, 2011

Created to Believe

Why were we created? I don't know about you, but I've definitely thought this question quite a few times. My guess would be that you've also thought it too. We can ask it on a big-scale level as "why is humanity here?" or we can ask it on a personal level "why am I here? what's my destiny?" Well I hope to clarify the answer a little bit more for you in this entry.

First, why is humanity here? Logically, we can come to the conclusion that it is to do good. How do I reach this conclusion? Because all people, black and white, American, European, Asian, large and small, young and old, feel this urge to do good things, and at the same time, feel this desire to stray from bad things. While our versions of good and bad can stray a little bit from other peoples, there are really no significant differences. We all feel this idea of good pressing down on us.

From a more Christianity oriented perspective, we're here to love God. Loving God leads us to doing good things, to obeying Him, to being rewarded, and service. God put us on earth with the intention of everything being perfect. He wanted us to simply love Him and be loved in return (or vice versa). Now, since the fall of man, our purpose also includes leading the lost to Christ.

Now I'll discuss what I really want to talk about. Why am I here? Why are you here? Why was I created?

You were created to be wealthy. If we examine both the bible and modern times, many times we find that the people we look up to as the most spiritual are wealthy. coincidence? I think not. Solomon was wealthy. David was wealthy. Job (after some trials and pain) was wealthy. The leaders of the biggest churches we know of, which include Lakewood (Joel Osteen), Hillsong, and T.D. Jakes church, are all wealthy. God wants you to be wealthy...but there is a catch.

You were created to be happy. I know, crazy right? You weren't created to feel burdened and stressed all the time. You were created to live in harmony and peace with God. You were created to be content both with spirits of holiness and with men. You weren't created to live in a dramatic and toxic environment. As I type this I can just imagine some one coming up to me and saying "but you don't know what I've been through. If you'd seen all of the stuff I've seen and had all of these things stacked up against you, you'd be different." Maybe so, but that's really not my point. I'm not focused so much on the problem as the solution. God is the solution to every problem regardless of size and time and shape. Secondly, the glory always comes after the trials. Jesus was not glorified until His resurrection. You should expect to have hard times, pains, and trials. My point is that should not and does not have to stop you from being at peace.

You were created to have fellowship with others. You were created to be married. Now, while this may not apply to all people, as it did not apply to Paul, I think I'm still safe to say that most people want to get married. You weren't created to have torn and broken relationships; you were created to be edified and built up by others.

Lastly, you were created to be successful. I mean that in every area of your life. Financially, spiritually, romantically, and in all these things, you were created to be blessed by God and to walk and talk with God.

Here's the catch. You don't get any of these things by looking for them, and even if you did or do, you won't be content. The only thing we can get by looking for it is a relationship with Christ. Once that is completely and utterly looked for and submitted to, then all of the things I've described above will happen. Why is this? Because all of those things are good things, and all good things come from Him. As unfortunate as it is, you are not a good thing unless you are part of Him and He is in you. Logically, you can not have a good piece of cake unless you have a good cake. In the same way, you can't be a good person unless some one better than you is living and breathing in you. He is good and He is what makes you good.

You were created to believe. You were fearfully and wonderfully made to know and love this awesome person named Jesus Christ. Interestingly enough, God is the one thing that we have such a hard time proving, and yet such a hard time disproving as well. That is where agnosticism comes in. No one on earth can help but wonder if there is a God, and the only people on earth who can prove there is a God are the ones that truly and sincerely know Him. God would not tell you to believe in Him unless He was in fact real, and it were in fact possible to believe in Him.

When I say believe in Him, I do not mean simply to believe that He is real and exists (though that is the first step). I do not simply mean to obtain intellectual facts and philosophies on Him. I mean to know Him. Once you know Him, you will find that He is undeniably good and perfect, and you will be on the other side of the fence. Instead of being one who doesn't know if He's real  but not being able to deny His existence, You'll be one who believes and knows His existence. What's really cool and inspiring about this is that once you really know God, He will start to show you mysterious and wonderful things; He will share His heart with you when you give your heart to Him.

Jesus loves you. Nothing can separate you from that.

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