Monday, October 3, 2011

Sin Doesn't Matter- Part 1

I'm sure that when many believers first read this, they start thinking "David, I know you're a writer and you've been on point with a lot of stuff, but we're gonna have to talk about this one." I'm also almost certain that even non-believers will question this because they think the whole point of being a Christian is to be good and pure. Perhaps some others would say this cannot be true because ever man knows at least a small portion of his sin, and if nothing else, it leads to guilt or apathy, which are 2 feelings that matter very much.

Before I need to sit down at 200 coffee shops with a bunch of spirit-led and/or strongly opinionated people, let me clarify my view.

Sin does not matter. This in itself is a very absolute statement, and in one sense I believe it to be very true. But first I will describe the sense in which it is false.

Sin does matter very much in terms of perfection, God, purity, life and death, and probably a few other areas. First, sin separates us from God, and many times separates our love as well. This is caused by feelings of guilt and shame, and as far as I can tell, nothing else. Your sin does not separate you from God because it is sin or because you have a sinful nature. Christ died for your sin so that you would have access to God. To say that sin separates you from god is to say that Christ's death was in vain.

Secondly, the ends or wages of sin are death. The devil is living in a miserable pit of fire because of sin. One thing we all agree on is that sin is not good- even non-believers believe that (regardless of whether they define bad as sin or not). Sin is what separated us from God in the beginning, and is the defining attribute of our imperfection. It is what defines us as imperfect. God is perfect, and His standard is perfect. Anything less than that is not worthy of Him.

Thirdly, we can not have a sinful nature without sin, and our sinful nature is what causes a lot of the problems we have these days. In a strong way, our sinful nature is responsible for most if not all of the world we live in today. We know this because God created us as perfect beings in a perfect world, though I find no logic to that except from the bible saying so.

Later this week, I will put up part two which discusses the ways sin doesn't matter. Until then, happy pondering :)

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