Monday, September 19, 2011

Thot- Unbelievable

God is a lot of things. He is, as I'm only recently discovering, all expansive. He is not limited to a book or a church, to a religion or an ethinicity. Whether you realize it or not, He's not even limited to what you think He can and can't do (or what He will and won't do). He is far beyond that.

He is all knowing. He not only knows all that you've done, but knows your reasons for doing it. He knows your excuses and your pleasures, your justifications and your "hidden" thoughts. He knows what you did yesterday, and knows what you're planning to do tomorrow. He knows not only the literal, but also the abstract as well. He knows what you think of Him, and knows what you wish you thought of Him.

He is all powerful and sovereign. He is absolute in that sovereignty. This means that He can do what He wants to do, and withold what He wants to withold. He doesn't have to ask for your opinion or your permission. Logically, if God is powerful enough to create all things that we know of (let's just limit it to that for now), then He is all powerful enough to manipulate all things we know of. It's similar to how the maker of the ipad knows more about he ipad than anyone else. why? because he designed it and knows how to control it.

He is all loving. This is the crazy part. He not only knows all of your sins, all of your wrongdoings and filth, but He has the power and capacity of good to overlook that. His love, in fact, isn't changed by anything. Nothing that you could possibly think of would make Him love you less or love you more.

The difference between those who dream of changing the world and those who do change the world, between those who desire to be pure and those who actually are pure, those who start the car and those who actually leave the garage, is this. The latter know they are loved, and have and seek the knowledge of God. The accept His love and dwell in the power that comes from that. The first in the examples I gave usually has little more than information. Yes, they are saved and going to heaven, but they'll never experience anything great until they get there.

This brings me to my last statement. I've said in the last few paragraphs what God is. One thing God is not is unbelievable. I've heard many Christians (and perhaps even I have said this) say that God's love is just "unbelievable!" No, it's not. God is not a fool, and His love does have logic behind it. He didn't create you with the ability to think just so you could hear His thoughts all the time. He gave you the ability to think so that you could learn and grow from both tangible (books, podcasts, the bible) sources and supernatural sources (prophecy, tongues, imagination/dreams, thoughts).

Logically (yes, I love logic), if we believe that God is good (which nearly all people who believe in a god believe), we must believe that the commands He gives us are doable. He would not instruct us to believe in Him unless it were actually possible to believe in Him. He would not tell us He loves us unless it were true. He would not tell us to depend on Him unless He was, in fact, dependable. God is not unbelievable. Quite contrary actually. God is easy to believe in. I'd say that lies are actually harder to believe than the truth, it's just that we're confronted with lies so much more often.

If you go through life thinking that miracles are "unbelievable" or abnormal, you will never perform them. If you go through life thinking that God couldn't love some one like you, you'll never experience His love. He will of course still love you, but it won't be of value to non-believers hardly at all, and only of value to those who recieve salvation and nothing more once they get to heaven.

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