Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't You need somebody to love?

"Dont you need somebody to love?" Why yes, actually i do. I think we all both
want and need love, and we long to love others. Ive found my true love. His name is
Jesus Christ. Not only do i love Him, but through many years and many
experiences, Ive found that He loves me too.

I know this will come as a surprise to some people, and some others who ought to be surprised won't be because they won't really understand what im saying, and still some others wont be surprised because they already know about the truth im about to describe to you. 

No one can ever fill the place of God in their life with anything except God. In other words, only God can make you satisfied and content. You have an emptiness in you that God is supposed to fill, that nothing else can. If you consider this far enough, you will more than likely reach the conclusion that the devil's soul purpose in life is to keep you from finding that out, to distract you with any and everything that your flesh would rather pay attention to. He tries to get you to fill that emptiness with anything that doesnt go there.

I think the reason relationships with others, especially those of a romantic nature, are such an easy tool for Satan is because the love of a person is the closest thing you can get to the love of God. All other idols do not love you back, but people can and do. God created us uniquely to have the ability and capacity to love.

On the flip side this also reflects the reasoning for fellowship.

The way i know this all to be true is that it has been strived for for so many years in so many ways by so many people who have never quite gotten it. Most relationships fail. This is why. We were not created to depend on others most, and they were not created to sustain us. Your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse will never have everything you need. No person ever could have it all. We were created to support each other, not depend on each other. Give Him a chance to fill you up and He will. Seek Him and you will find Him.

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