Saturday, October 15, 2011


     Reflect with me for a second on not your life, or even your year, but your day. Did you do anything important today? If no, then I challenge you to simply find motivation and purpose in life- hopefully in Christ. If your answer is yes, I ask you by what standard was it important. If it is your own, I fear it may have been of little true value (though not necessarily). IF it is the world's standard, you are probably dreadfully off. The world clearly doesn't know what important, because if they did, they would be fulfilled instead of empty.
     If it was by God's standard, I applaud you. I don't know about you, but I will confess that much of what I do is not important in an eternal perspective. I was discussing arguments with my mom once and she told me something very wise. She said, "If it won't matter in 10 years, it doesn't matter at all." Please don't misunderstand  this. She was speaing of what's worth arguing about, and making the point that most things aren't. On a bigger scale, if what you did today won't matter in eternity, it really doesn't matter at all.
     I don't write all of this to condemn or even convict you; I certainly don't write it to press any law or doctrine on you. I write it to influence your perspective- in hopes that your life, if it hasn't mattered much yet, will matter in the future. However, I hope that you will not change your measure of importance because you are supposed to, but because you want to. This change must come out of love, and love is a choice, not a need or demand. When our actions and days are based on the perspective of eternity instead of the perspective of today, the world will change.
     Two things happen when we start living based on eternity. Firstly, the things of this world become so much less important and less bearing. We will not worry about things that do not effect eternity because, ultimately, they don't matter. This is a freedom. Secondly, the things we do become more important and more meaningful. We feel more fulfilled because our life starts to quite obviously matter more.
     You are the temporary; He is the ternal. By seeking Him, you will be seeking the ternal. The more you see His love for you (and others), the more you will love Him. When that happens, perspective changes, and so does everything else. We will begin to store up treasures in heaven and come to fully realize that the suffering and trials on this earth are truly not worth comparing to the glory that awaits us.

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