Saturday, October 8, 2011

Attacking Religion

It’s often a brought up idea that everyone should be free to choose what religion they want to follow. While I believe that is good, I don’t believe it is an excuse to ignore or hide The Truth. As Christians, we’re not called to tear down other people or their beliefs. We are called to spread Christ because He is the real Truth. We can attack a religion without attacking religious people.
Firstly, people get very easily offended when you attack them on a personal level such as their religious beliefs. God has not called us to offend people.
Secondly, religion and idols are not the same. In the bible, especially in the old testament, it talks many times about how bad idols and false Gods are. But, the modern sense of religion is not the same as it used to be because your religion used to be based on your idol.
A religion is an idea that can be devoted to to edify one own’s spirit. The problem is that only Christ can edify your spirit. Just like only gas can run a car, and not water, so it is that Christ is the only one who can fulfill you. It would be inconsiderate and not loving to share this with those we love. As Christians, we’re called to love everyone, especially those we find hard to love.
Also as Christians, we should be excited about sharing Christ!
Example. Let’s say that Wal-marts everywhere are giving out free ipads. Now, I’d be considered a pretty big jerk if I went and got mine and didn’t tell all of my friends. Why wouldn’t i? It doesn’t cost me anything, and it’s a great deal. It’s the same with Christ. We should share Him because we ourselves have experienced a love out of this world, and love that can’t be contained and wants to flow out of us.
An idol is what you actually worship, and it’s usually something nowadays such as relationships, money, pride, beauty, strength. An idol is worshipping the creation instead of the creator. The big problem with this is that the Creator has all of His creation to give to you. When you worship His creation, not only does it not respond to you, and not only does it steal your life away, but it also limits you to receiving only that blessing. God wants to give you all things and all things abundantly.
In summary, don’t attack religious people, attack religions. Also attack idols of all kinds, and be anxious to share Christ whom is our true lord and Savior, the only thing that can actually satisfy us. I caution you with one thing though, do not be demanding or have expectations, and don’t assume that you know some one better than you do. You knowing the truth does not mean You know that person’s perspective on it.

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