Sunday, October 23, 2011


There are only two things that being in God’s presence can be. It’s either amazing or it isn’t. Furthermore, there are only two thoughts you can have on it (in the same respect)- “It’s amazing” or “it’s not amazing.” If you don’t think it’s amazing, I can tell you with full confidence that you haven’t experienced Him. To call something amazing is to call it above the normal, better, extraordinary. God’s presence innately must be amazing because all of the characteristics of God are amazing. You could not be in the presence of God and not be amazed anymore than you could be in water and not be wet.
Now that I’ve prepared a little bit, I’ll get to my main point. Since we know that God’s presence is amazing, we must ask ourselves, if we are not currently amazed, why does it not seem/feel amazing? The answer is simply perception. For instance, if I tell you that every woman is beautiful and you say to me “no, there are some ugly women out there,” we would be forced to break it down to saying that it’s only a matter of perception. Let’s say that I make the same argument again, but this time I say “every woman is beautiful because God has made them beautiful.” Did the reality of women being beautiful change? Not at all. What changed was your knowledge which directly influenced your perception.
In the same way, if you are in God’s presence and do not find it amazing, your knowledge must be incomplete and your perceptions fogged. In my opinion (of course because it’s my blog), you should ask yourself every time you enter into worship “is this amazing or not?” If it is, God’s presence may very likely be with you. If it’s not, the logical conclusion is that you are not in God’s presence, because if you were you could not answer like that.
One more point and I’ll be finished. We would be foolish to assume that we can fully understand the thoughts and actions of a God we don’t assume we fully understand. If God tells you to do something and it doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t mean it’s not God. If you ask a person what God sounds like and he/she cannot explain it that is fully acceptable because the reality of God is unexplainable. If you ask someone “how do you know it’s God” and they can’t explain it, trust them. They truly can’t explain it because God is so much greater and higher than we are. You could not explain quantum physics to a 1 year old.
I challenge you to experience daily this God I’m writing about. He truly is amazing. And when you do experience Him, do not reduce Him or deny Him because you can’t explain Him, rather, rejoice that this God of all power and knowledge loves you and is on your side.

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