Monday, November 28, 2011


What will make us happy? Well it’s not more stuff- that’s for sure. The ironic thing is that even though most of you will probably agree with me, you will still find yourself having a thought “I wish I had this” within a day after reading this.
I’d like to make the claim that we’re designed (now, on earth, in our broken state) to be unsatisfied. I’m sure that a lot of Christians would like to argue with me at first, but let me further explain before we do. Your argument (I’m guessing) would be that God is satisfying. While that’s true, it also is momentary. If you’re one of the people who knows that God ought to be satisfying but don’t truly experience his fullfifllment, I encourage you to not lie to yourself by telling yourself that your fulfilled because you’re supposed to be. Bring your empty and thirsty heart to Him, and experience His joy, then come back and talk to me. To those who truly are satisfied, I ask you “what is a day without Christ like?” If your answer is “unbearable,” you have just proven me right. You’ve proven that you need Him daily, and without His daily bread you would be unsatisfied.
The more important question though is not whether we’re designed to be fulfilled or not, but what are we trying to fill ourselves with?
When we fill ourselves with the wrong things or thrills (the newest phone, newest relationship, or more money), we experience a small dose of satisfaction or euphoria. I won’t deny that new and shiny things usually make us happy for a little while. The problem is that shortly after that happiness we’re left with an even bigger awareness of how empty and needy we still are. Oddly enough, our usual response is to try and fill ourselves with the same thing again. It really is a rather foolish thing to do. After enough time, even that small thrill will fade away and we either look to some other small thrill and repeat the process, or just remain empty and sad.
Those who are without Christ (not meaning they aren’t saved, but they aren’t walking with God) but seem to be content have done one of two things as far as I can tell. They may have reduced their expectations and become used to being more satisfied by the same small satisfaction. I.e. They have a gallon bucket that needs to be filled, but only have a cup of water. Instead of finding more water, they get a smaller bucket. Even if they do experience some level of fulfillment, it will do them no good in the next life, and it will be nothing compared to how they could be living in this life. Think also of a hungry man. If you give him an old cookie, he may no longer be hungry. If you repeat the process, he may become used to having old cookies. However, if you give him a fresh cinnamon roll, how much happier will he be? And that is the fulfillment of man’s creation versus God’s self.
The other group are those who’ve accepted that there is no great fulfillment. They’ve forced themselves to be happy not because they feel it, but because they convince themselves of it. They can’t face the fact that they aren’t as happy- especially when everyone else seems to be so happy. Being content with being discontent is no good way to live. They either stay this way of fall into the first category.
God is my joy, and can be yours as well. Before you commit to it, know and realize that you will need Him and experience Him each and every day at every minute of every hour. When you make Him the center of your life and start to fill your heart with what is in His heart, you’ll find that He not only satisfied but is more than enough. Be blessed.

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