Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Fire is not cautious. It is not contained nor subtle. The thing about fire is that it does not "kind of" burn something; it consumes it. You will never catch on fire because you're looking at it or just barely get close enough to feel the heat. You will catch on fire by stepping into it.

When we catch the fire of the spirit, it will not be because we looked at it or experimented with it; it certainly will not be because we looked at a distance at some one else who had it. We will catch the fire by walking into it and choosing it, by sacrificing ourselves and being sold out.

God will not do the miraculous through soem one who learns about it. The reality is that the great things of God are incomprehensible for us. He will not and perhaps could not use the lukewarm to do the actions of the burning. He can only use those who believe in the impossible to do the impossible. We must give our lives to Christi with no less of an extent than He gave us His.

If you don't want to be sold out yet, that's alright. God won't love you any less. If you're just pondering on it and dipping your feet in the water, I tell you to be hot or cold. God  will respond best when you are open and  honest with Him about where you are. He does not care for lies. If you are sold out, I encourage you to spread the fire, to be a leader as you follow Christ, and continue in love.

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