Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Love

Being in love is like this. When the person you’re in love with walks in the room, you’re automatically more excited and happier, even if you’ve been arguing lately. It’s like no matter what you just can’t hardly resist loving them (not to exclude the “love is a choice” idea). When this person is about to come over, you want to show them your best, act your best, and give them your best. Even talking about this person excites you, and you can’t help but do it all the time. When asked to describe how much you love this person, you would answer with a thousand words and still not have reached the right way to describe him or her. That’s what being in love is like. You have the thought “if we ever do argue or fight, we’ll make it through it and only grow closer from it” as well as “I don’t want to fight with this person because I don’t want to be farther away, but closer.” You want this person to know that they don’t have to trust you with everything, but they certainly can. You want to be a safe place for him or her. On top of all of this, you will love this person regardless of what anyone says to you. Even if the person is a terrible and awful person, you’ll still look over and past that because love isn’t based on what he or she does but who he or she is.
Now ask yourself this. “Is that how I feel about Jesus?” Then, after some consideration, tell yourself this. “That’s how Jesus feels about me.” When is comes down to it love is a very crazy and almost stupid idea. Love says “even if you’ve killed my son, I’ll still forgive you, hope for you, and accept you.” Love says “I don’t care what you’ve done, I don’t care how you are, and I have the highest hopes for who you will be.” Love is crazy and it’s the word God uses to describe how he feels about you. The more you sin, the more grace He will give you to cover your sin. The farther you run away, the farther He will run to catch you. It really is preposterous to think that a perfect God with all power and sustainment is seeking to know and be with you, and that’s precisely what makes the truth of it all the more amazing. When God looks at you, He doesn’t see sin; He sees Jesus’ beauty covering your sin. Therefore there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. That is why those who are not in Christ will go to hell- because Christ is not covering their sin. It’s also why no matter how much you sin or how terrible the sin is, God can still love you and keep you and deliver you.
Being in love causes you to do things that are more irrational than any other emotion and movement will cause. You would not abandon your life to find and kill some one you hated (unless it were for revenge or justice). You would not sacrifice your son just to make some one else pay attention to you. But love knows no bounds. People will travel thousands of miles or build thousands of roads or swim thousands of oceans to be with the one they love. Furthermore, love is what we’re more interested in than anything else. Why is that? Because it’s full extent is unknowable, and we thrive on adventure and mystery. Fortunately for us God is limitless, and walking with Him is always full of adventure and mystery.
If and when you shift your focus to loving God as much as you love that special someone, you will not only find fulfillment, but you’ll also find that He loves you even more than that. Those who seek Him find Him. Drawing near to Him in love will cause Him to draw near to you. Unlike all people, God is completely committed to keeping His promises; He is faithful. Jesus loves you.

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