Monday, August 22, 2011

The Word, The Difference

I do not believe that the bible is the word of God. Here is why. The bible is a book. If we left the book on a shelf, it would not jump around and do miracles. There's no magic floating around that comes out of it. God however works in mysterious and wonderous ways, and those ways work both through us and not through us. God is not limited, the bible is about 1600 pages.
That being said, i do believe the bible to be highly valuable and containing wisdom. I believe it is nearly necessary for the Christian life. It is scripture. It has many truths about the Word of God. It is a great tool and gift from above. One more reason is that there were Christians who lived and did wonderful things through Christ who did not have the bible. Moses, for instance, wrote  a lot of things that many people followed, but Moses did not have a bible to help him. You might say "well God did things differently back then." (not to be confused with saying God is different now and then, because He isn't.) This is true, but Christ's life, death, resurrection, and ascension only gave us more access to God, not less. The thing that was different between Moses and I was not that I have a bible and he didn't. The difference is first our calling, and second our strength in our beliefs. But that's getting away from the point.
Now, the bigger point i want to make is this. When many of you read the first paragraph, I suspect you woud much have liked to disagree with me. Why would you disagree? Because you've always been taught that the bible is the Word of God. Now here's a wrench for you. When Jesus, the disciples, and apostles such as Paul went around telling everyone the truth, the people (Jews, Gentiles, Romans, Pharisees) stoned them, crucified them, and spat in their faces. Why did they do this? Because they already believed they knew what was right. They had taken the words of Moses and whoever else and twisted them to either what the Devil wanted, or what their own selfish desires wanted.
I do not claim to know all truth, but I do claim to be gaining in it and pursuing it. If you asked me, for example, whether God knows the future or not, I would not be able to give you an answer, least not a definitive one. We as Christians I believe need to humble ourselves to any truth God gives us, then compare it to the scriptures, pray for wisdom, and gain in wisdom. In my opinion and as far as I can see, the only reason a Christian would think they know everything is because they are proud. Pride shows just how ignorant they really are.
Last note. Am I saying to be open to everything? NO. of course not. I'm not open to believing that homosexuality is ok. Why? Because I already know the truth about it. Once you have seen and known truth, stand firm in it, don't be shaken and bewildered.

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