Saturday, August 27, 2011

Borrow My Car

Wanna hear a cool testimony? So yesterday my roommate Berwanger (the one who smokes and has a girlfriend) wanted to go spend the day with his girlfriend. He spent like an hour in the morning calling car rental companies trying to get a car for the day. Well, turns out it's really difficult to get a car somewhere that you don't live. They only rent out to people locally.

So as he's calling i'm thinking "i could just let him borrow my car for the day" 'cause i'm not going anywhere. The only place i could go is Austin to hang out with Stephanie, but she's already said she's busy and i've driven to her the last several times so if she did want to hang out, she would drive to me.

Then of course i started to think about what a risk i'm taking. If something happens to my car, i can't afford a new one. After a little consideration and finding out that he couldn't get one, I decided to let him borrow it with 2 conditions. First, that he didn't download movies while he was gone (so that i could use the internet at a reasonable speed). Second, that he brought it back full. It was only at a quarter tank when he left so he was basically paying 30 dollars plus his gas.

The Enemy would of course try to play on the "what if" card, but God had something greater in mind. The devil rarely puts ideas into us that are pure evil, but rather, he manipulates the ideas that God has put in us and set before us.

When he was trying to leave to come back to the barracks, the car wouldn't start. He called me and let me know, and immediately I'm thinking "i'm so glad it's not me ('cause i don't know much about cars)" Turns out, he knows quite a bit. We hung up off the phone and immediately I said out loud "in the name of Jesus my car will start right now." He texted me about a minute later and said it started. How great is our God?

Berwanger determined it was bad gas. He put fuel injector cleaner and Heet in there and filled it up with high quality gas when he got back. So all in all I got a day off, a full tank of gas, free and fast internet for the day, my gas lines cleaned out, and I earned favor with Berwanger, and all because I simply listened to God instead of doubt and deception. Awesome right?

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