Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's the fuel of Christ. All that we are to do is supposed to be motivated by intimacy. Consider this. The more intimate you are with a person, the more you talk about them-they naturally come up in conversation with anyone at anytime. Just talk to any newly weds. You cant talk to a new bride for very long without some story or characteristic of her husband coming into the conversation. 

Also, we can hear that persons voice. Not only can we recognize it among all the other voices, but we can hear it anytime at all.  I've even gotten to the point of being able to imagine how someone would say something. Furthermore, if it's a healthy relationship, their voice is comforting. We love to just hear the persons voice, and often it doesn't hardly matter what they say. 

Sometimes He doesn't have to say anything at all.

This is intimacy. We can't love God until we know Him, and we can't know Him until we seek to know Him. We'll never want to know Him until we know how badly He is seeking to know us. That my friends is the gospel-that a perfect, loving, perfectly loving, strong, willing, and powerful God wants to know us intimately, and to help us radically.

The difference between those who walk in the Spirit and those who don't is not knowledge, not even scriptural. It isn't understanding. Shocker I know but most people who perform and see miracles have no way to describe what actually happened. The things of God are far beyond comprehension. His foolishness is our highest wisdom. The difference between those who are walking in holiness and those who aren't is those who are simply know him. How do they know him? They spend time with Him. The more they seek Him, the more they find Him. The more they find him, the more they love Him.

You truly cannot know him intimately without wanting to share Him, to talk about Him, to simply dwell in His presence, and to hear his voice. Seeking and discovering His love for you will naturally cause you to walk with Him, cast out demons, raise the dead, and lay hands on people for edification and healing. If you haven't before, start today.

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